Yamady Problem

One of the problems a startup faces when they changes their idea is that there is nothing to solve. Usually, they start from a problem but the time it takes to change does not give them any problems to solve.

Some startups incliding mine tend to fall in this problem and I have asked every person who I meet what challenges you the most. So we called it Yamady Problem.

You should decide to choose the most important tasks from the several other lesser ones. If you are a technical CEO, you will always code faster than be able to think deeply about the problem without having to learn from scratch most of the time.

These are a list of certain problems you should avoid when beginning a startup company.

Like Customer Interview

Customer interview is one of the most essential aspects when creating a startup. However, do you really interview to your user. I saw some startup friends who are not even a potential users. When you do that before developing, that’s contradiction because nobody uses your service yet.So it is not a customer intervie.

When you have no service, you must not get ideas/opinions from others. Sell first before you produce something.

When Bill Gates heard that IBM was looking for an OS for the IBM PC he stepped in and claimed he could deliver the such a desired OS. The reality was that he had never written an OS, but he knew that a few blocks away someone had developed a Quick and Dirty Operating System(QDOS) for microcomputers. Gates bought QDOS for $ 50,000 (the original developer knew nothing of the prospective deal with IBM), tinkered together the necessary changes in the software, went back to IBM with it, and made the bilion dollar deal.

This is not only the case of B2B. Airbnb starts their service by post a room information on Craig List. Whether you have already developed service or not, that doesn’t matter. They will buy that when they realize that value.


To collect a majority answer is the most improtant of all. Every startup idea are originated from minorities and should never depend on the majorities opinions.

The same is true about interviews, you should not listen to a majority’s voice always. In addition to this, what they say is often different from what they think. Anyway solving the problem have already been manifested, it doesn’t match with the way of startup. We have to reach out potential / possible problems. Don’t listen to what others are telling you. You need to broaden your thinking/mind to observe the situation and focus on analyzing the solution of the problem that you found.

Find the Problem

That’s a simple thing to think deep about the problem after finding it. Just ask why you are facing the problem and whether the current way is the real solution or not. After repeatedly questioning, you will reach the breakthrough / final idea. The most difficult is to find out the solution to the problem.

You cannot find the answers to anyone else. You cannot find any problems because most problems are solved already. My answer is to spend your life living smart. The best way to arrive in your office is that you ride a train every morning. You can use a taxi with your colleague lives close to you, and you don’t have to commute everyday. When you have tasks to be done in front of your PC, think smarter than usual. It is the only way that you can figure out the real solution.

There’re some troubles when everybody tries to live smart. Startups may distrubs these things.