Minority Momentum

The basic way to find a startup idea is to solve founder’s pain. However, these days I found that is not too enough to make a successfully product. A succesfully product can build the future and lead current generation to next era. Though we have to solve the problem or make something people want an idea how to build the future is a kind of momentum to find the problem.


At first, to do startup is from an inexricable bond with that you must be an entrepreneur. I have worked as a freelancer for some projects pn how a big corporation starts. How to get started and how to market in are really different because they are not an entrepreneur. In other words, they were entrepreneur.

A big corporation has own succesfully history. So they’ll try to start from their strong resource. For instance, a steel corporation will start EC for metal and they never start the business allows people to rent out the extra room in their house.

The reason why to start business is really important. Business should earn sales and a successful corporations set assets to realize that. So they can target on the segment like teenager, office lady and people who travels abroad. They can reach out to them because they know how to realize and how that costs.

Their reason rely on how sales business estimates. They have to estimate until when and how much they earn, so sales first. They can expand but it’s hard to build the future. Because a big stream nobody can stop is origin from not the segment, but minority.

For a few years, I have repated to close and release the product with thinking what entrepreneur is and who I am. To make something I want, sell the product and be a rich, go public or anything is not too enough for an entrepreneur’s job. We have to live in the future and merge its branch to a current age.

Why minority

Paul Bunchheit says that people at the leading edge of a rapidly changing field “live in the future.” Combine that with Pirsig and you get: Live in the future, then build what’s missing

Totally agree. But wait, what is the future and how to define it is more difficult than saying. The fact is the origin of the future is not from majority but always minority. This way to find a new business is kind of strange but when you know this history, you may be confident on the future you build.

Personal computer was not personal. Apple built the future everyone can access the internet and own programs. A phone was set for only a family unit. But now, nobody doesn’t have a cell phone. The guys who uses taxi limited to business man. But Uber makes every vehicle take people to the place they want.

The future never happens suddenly. That definitely origins from the minority. But some barriers are obstacles to be merged. Entrepreneur’s job is to commit and pull a request to majority.

Find or become a minority

To meet minority is two way. One is to find and another is that you become a minority. Minority may live near you and they may not know they are minority. And you have to ask why they do that when you meet minority. If you wanted to become a minority, you should find the different way to realize something usual.

That doesn’t mean a small number is good. Minority has the reason why they are minority. Before Airbnb, some people don’t hesitate to stay in a stranger’s house. They were minority. On the other hand, majority can stay their friend’s house. Everybody is not surprised to hear that. What is the difference from both is people’s trust. That’s what trust to people. Majority can’t trust stranger. Airbnb has been succesfull because they can solve this fact by that stranger information is in public.

Currently, we can meet freelancers. Their numbers are increasing but they are still minority. Majority knows freelancers are the future of works, they’re not belonging to the company and live free. But some reasons disturbs they can’t become freelancers.

How to merge

At first, you must checkout a branch from master . If you were an engineer, you can realize soon. And you find an error you may checkout a branch for fixing that.

You will continue to commit until you solve that. Because most pullrequests don’t allow to be merged to master. And unmeningfull branch will never be merged.

That’s not easy, I know.