Rapidly build run your MVP for a native app

Last week, I launched a native mobile app for iOS and AndoirdOS. It will take 3 months to release an app using Stack Overflow, Code Mentor and my kind friends. Of course, the purpose was not to release the app in each store, but I was so excited to finish my work and see the app in the store. If you were not a actual programmer, “to build the mobile app” sounds more difficult than web application. I was too. But in these days, you can build the native mobile app like web application. 1 year ago, I could just write Markup Language like HTML and CSS, and to release it in public. This time, I want to share my story for non-programmer to build the native mobile app.

React Native

React Native enables you to build native mobile apps using Java Script and React. That’s the one of the biggest open source project by Facebook. Airbnb, Skype, Uber EATS, Instagram and of course Facebook are using React Native. If you googled “React Native”, you will see pros and cons. But my decision to use IT is only one, and that’s to build an app for both iOS and AndroidOS. It’s not a problem to build only iOS if you released it in Japanese national market, but I wanted to start my project globally. So I can’t miss the potential users who use AndroidOS. Additionally, it’s too hard for me to use XCode GUI, you can write a code in general editor and run on Terminal with one command “react-native run-ios(run-android)”.


This time, I didn’t write even one line of backend code. Firebase is NoSQL offered by Google. This technology makes it easy and cheap to build database and other functions. Not necessary to migrate and you can rewrite data on this simple GUI. Cloud function is usefule to add some events on your app. Some warned me the point of that Firebase is NoSQL, but that’s enough for the early stage startup to release with NoSQL. And the limitaion of NoSQL is such a good sign for your app growing rapidly.


Redux is a hardest part for the beginner to continue to write. But this framework makes us to realize React Native is really web application building. My first programming experience is Ruby on Rails. And Redux is controller for me to build the application on MVC.(Of course, that’s different.)

I’m never a programmer. Whenever I met up with a great programmer, I can’t call me one. And for an entrepreneur like me, that’s a hard way to make a product. But for us, everything is hard. Making team, generating user, earning money, why don’t you avoidn writing code though you faced other hard things.

When being forced to write a code, I met up with Open Source. If you used this, that’s not difficult to put out something out into the world. I know building is just a tool to express, let me say just one word. “Love React Native and Firebase”.