Pull is better than push

If you can’t push it, pull it.

Looking back a few years, I always just push everything. But I’ve never been successful by just pushing it. A lot of expereiences made me realized that pull is more efficient than push.

Small organization like startup has just a few way to do it and pushing is the most usual way for them to move forward. Sales, direct marketing, appointment, they are all push things. Sometimes these things are efficient, but they almost bring danger to you. Customers by strong sales do not validate your product works well, this is definitely misunderstanding and they cost so much. And push action exhausts you and that makes you feel startup is going now. That’s an illusion.

Instead, what is pull action? Simply, that’s indirect way to reach the goal. For example, pull action for a freelancer is to improve own skill and enhance portfolios and git hub profile. Not sales. You should try to make clients offer to you. That’s like smart fishing.

To pull is quite different from to wait. Just waiting never call. A professional angler doesn’t just wait until fish comes. He imagines the moment when the fish is caught, trial and error on where and when should be thrown. If you had some problems to solve, you should face it with pull.