I hate 2 things. One is just settlingand not wanting to improve oneself anymore. If you often see people who are only proud of their past achievements and are still with their own acquaintances, you should break off any relationship with them right now. Be hungry. Another things that annoys me is people who are envious of others, specially those who only talk about people who have already achieved their dreams and just spend time making fun of other people’s lives.

Respect is very different from being envious. I always show respect to people I have just met even if they are difficult people to deal with. I give respect to authors of books and developers of services. After learning from them, I have decided to change for the better so as to improve in all aspects of my life. To be honest, One of my friends has been blogging in English. I started this blog because I liked what he was doing and I want to become just like him.

It is always a good thing to respect and imitate the people who have achieved so much in their lives . Many people think that imitating others is a bad thing but for me, it is not.

Good artists copy. Great artists steal. - Pablo Picasso

I agree with what Pablo Picasso said. He is the king of artists and he was the one who said that imitation is a taboo. I believe that imitation is generally good for creating or starting good things.

Well, my motto is “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninenty percent imitation.” This saying is from the great Edison. Making new things is a part of imitation, but it needs one percent inspiration. Inspiration is the one that helps you express who you are. There are so many startup companies in this world, examples are, Uber for X and Airbnb for X. Both are very different from each other. The services they offer are very different from one another. Sometimes the problem is directly pointing services of Uber or to the founder of the company himself. In my country, it is the former who always has problems.