Slow startup

“Pivoting” is one of the familiar words in the startup world. When your current business model is not working well, CEO and the team face the moment they pivot to plan B or continue on with the original plan. These might be deeply stressful equally painful times.

In the recent two years, I have experienced 7 pivots. And my startup is in between previous plan and next one. Already 1 and half months passed after I decided to quit the previous product of the whole plan. Really really hurtful time. If you were in the pivot moment(I call it Slow startup because that makes us feel so fluffy when you face pivot), you’re an entrepreneur without product. That’s so terrible. But if you started without problems and validation, you will face pivot again 1 month later or 1 year later, but the moment will come definitely. So you do not have to escape from this hard moment.

I am not sure what is the best practice for Slow startup. But there are some ideas you should keep in mind then. This essay is from the point of very pivot. I hope to add when I will graduate from a repeat of Slow startup.

Don’t be alone but avoid networking

In my case, I hesitate to meet up with my friends. Slow startup makes you so disappointed and you feel to escape from that. So you tend to confine yourself to your own world. That’s very dangerous. Because startup idea is never born from your imagination. Meeting with people are so important for Slow startup, but you should avoid networking event and meeting up with new people. They are not too friendly to talk about their serious problems. Your friends and family may have a key for your new idea.

Have a specific goal

Without the product, you have nothing to do. When you have nothing, you should have a specific goal and plan to achieve it. For example, more than $10,000 sales monthly, master Programming skill at all and get a girl/boyfriend, anything is okay. If you failed in achieving those goals, you can think about why you failed and what makes you successful. That may be a startup idea also.

Don’t start building

Slow startup shows you the illusion like your idea is pretty good. And you will start to build fast. Building the product is easier than staying in Slow startup. You should not escape from that, you are saved temporarily but you may return here soon. If you were an entrepreneur, you have to build the one solving the problem, not solving you!

Try other services

Trying services are so cool when you launch in the tech field. There’re so many technologies in the world, and they solve your problems. You can feel how great products work when you are using them. And you may notice their product is not enough, that’s an excellent chance you can rebuild the product by solving that.

Earn by not outsourcing business

There’re so many sharing economy services. You can earn money from that. If you earned money from outsourcing, you can stop that and start using these platforms. Creating your own business is from the very small point. You should try these platforms before developing MVP.

Slow startup is so hard and, I am always disappointed by that. But I will never give up, I know some entrepreneurs passed that feeling also before success. Disappointment sometimes stops you to think, continue but you should never escape. You have to just focus on the problem and the fact in front of you.